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Hello Livejournal!

So I was wondering, is there a way I can merge my text posts in tumblr with livejournal? Because I am really active in the fandom over there. It would make this blog seem less like a ghost blog, you know? 

You hear that livejournal? YOU HEAR THAT?
I read several lj blogs in which people switched to dreamwidth instead (is that how it's called?), but I don't really understand why because all the Arashi comms are here, and like, wtf do you have a paid account for. I don't understand paid accounts, perhaps because I don't interact with people on here. 

I will most likely upload all my drabbles to a different lj account because this one has too many personal things, and will most likely set this one on private. Though I have no friends on this account hahahahaha. 

I also have a very vague idea for a fic, it might actually be as long as a one-sot. Possibly a series. Can't tell, I've never written anything longer than 500 words, but I want to set it as a summer goal. I need to keep my brain active. 

Speaking about brains, I'm supposed to be studying for my calculus final. Do I ever change? 
One more week and I'll be free!!


Why do people don't like me. No one bothers to befriend me. Am I that annoying? Do I say things that you don't like? I really don't know what to do. Do I have to change who I am?

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Because it never happens. One day though, I seriously will post all those drabbles I have written somewhere. They suck, but they must be shared to make my mind at ease.
On the other hand, I am super active on tumblr. Reblogging pretty pictures is not as hard as typing sentences XD If anyone wants to follow here's the link: http://takingallthesunshine.tumblr.com/

Let me know you got it from my livejournal blog if you want me to follow you back because I tend not to follow back those who start following me. I know, I'm horrible.

I want a new layout because the green is starting to sicken me. Anyone know someone who can make pretty ones? Because I'm out of practice with the photoshop and I seriously can't even remember how to copy background colors anymore (I tried it a little while ago and it was a sad moment).
If not, I'll just go steal some from people who have the codes out somewhere XD

Real life update:
College is okay. I did not fail anything, although I did end up having to drop two courses because I was failing them miserably. Sad news is that I have to take them next semester. Darn you, graduation requirements. 
I might have to drop out of college after next semester if money doesn't magically appear. I've come to terms with this after a brief period of depression and self-loathing. It's not going to be the end of the world. I'm young, dude. And if nothing works out at the end I can just go back to Mexico and settle in the little town in the middle of the desert where my grandparents live and sell bread and live without worries. 
But for now, I need a car. I'm taking donations :D

College never ends

I finally transferred. Finally finally transferred. It was good to be in an early college program. Being a Junior feels awesome. But I'm going to die. I was jokingly telling my friend that I was going to drop out of college. I only have eighteen credits, yet they eat me up like I'm taking classes 24/7. My first tests have not been good. Past me would have probably cried about it. I don't know what it is. Must be the new environment, or the fact that I'm finally living by myself, with a roomate, of course. Or the fact that apparently I can't socialize with people and make new friends. I need study buddies. 

I feel like my life revolves around school and I hate it. But what am I to do when in order to get this education I have to take out a 60K loan. I need the education to be able to pay it back. Life, you are so ironic. And a bitch. I can't wait to graduate and find a real job. Probably move out of the country. Mexico sounds nice, and maybe I'll even get a driver's license there. 

No minors or double majors for me as of now. If I don't finish this degree in two years, or if I'm not granted lower tuition rates, I might actually have to drop out of college. 60k, bitches. 60k for two years. Fuck. 
But this is what I wanted, so I better get off from here and start doing that genetics homework I've ignored for the past week. Jeez, I never change.


Well yeah. My plan of updating this journal failed unsurprisingly. And it seems like the only way I would update is if I'm bored...like I am right now. But no one is complaining right?....I think I will post the Arashi drabbles I have written in the past to at least get some human interaction in LJ. They're not great or anything, but I had fun writing them and I like rereading them and smiling to myself because I write them in situations I would like to see. And they're so OOC it makes me laugh XD
But meanwhile I shall remain

I'm alive

Kinda...I'm freaking dying right here trying to keep my eyes open. I have been so busy lately with rl and I am so glad this semester is about to end; I just have to take one more final and it will be over. And then, I have one more college application to turn in. Transfer applications are lame and long -_-.
I don't want to see my ugly face anymore everytime I look at my journal. ("Then why don't you delete it?" you say. Because it still amuses me xD).
I will try to post more entries from now on.
Yes, they will be boring; and yes, they will be ridiculous and short.
I just want a place to vent out my stress that is not Facebook (because there is people in there that do not need to know my bzns <s>like lj is any better</s>
) .
But anyhow, I have to go get my beauty sleep ;) G'night.



It seems that I effed up my past layout trying to "enhance it." Now I'm stuck with mentally challenged piece of toast up there. Isn't it cute?? Awwww~~~~

New Header

That big thing you see up there, yeah, that header. Guess what? I freaking drew it.
Aren't they so cute??? I can't draw, it's obvious

I actually drew it back in 2008. I guess that explains why both Jun's and Aiba's hair look like they came straight from their Beautiful Days PV.
I didn't know I still had it, so I said what the heck let's scan it and share my horrible art to the world. But I'm very proud of it. I like Neen the best. His :3 smile is just so there.

Caution: Boring rambling of a boring life aheadCollapse )